Steps to Writing a Response to Literature Essay

Posted by in Tips, on November 20, 2012

response to literature essay

The purpose of writing a response to literature essay is for you to express your point-of-view and reaction to a given content. It is also a means of emphasizing your thought regarding your understanding about literary work. As such, you have to take a look at the plot, characters and theme of the story whether it be a book chapter, a poem or a novel. Crafting a reaction necessitates analyzing the piece into something much more graspable. As you remain well-organized and use a thorough method composing your response, you will discover that this type of writing is straightforward.

  • First, decide on the subject matter for your response to the literature.
  • To help you focus on your essay, you may want to begin with a more inclusive theme prior to coming up with a thesis. For instance, analyze the major character of the story. Then, center on the actor’s dominant traits and how this protagonist affected the theme and plot of the story.

  • Second, think of a meaningful thesis which is attuned to the selected storyline, novel or book.
  • A thesis statement can have a new view on an older interpretation of a piece of literary work or could simply be creative in any way. Integrate your succinct thesis into a short intro that summarizes all the relevant info in several paragraphs. Incorporate the title, author and publication that you are crafting in your introductory section.

  • Third, make use of an outline to guide you in structuring your response to literature essay.
  • Narrow down your thoughts and keep in mind how each statement will support your points throughout your response. To put credibility to your own reaction, backup your statement with quotes from the story intended to reveal your viewpoint.

  • Fourth, provide an intro for your essay.
  • Based on the extent of your reflection, this can be a couple of sentences or paragraphs. Begin with a lead statement that opens up your subject matter. Then, simply present your thesis, which should be not longer than three sentences in length. Typically, your thesis is the final statement in your intro.

  • Fifth, proceed writing down the body for your essay.
  • Your objective in the body section is to adequately support your thesis as well as the main ideas with certain examples and details. Each part in the body needs to incorporate an idea to specifically support the all subsequent sections. Draw on transitional expressions to guide your readers from the starting up to the next responses.

  • Sixth, present your conclusion with finishing touches to your overall / general response.
  • Refrain from merely summarizing the ideas detailed across the body. Preferably, end your response on how all of your supporting statements that you supplied in your response are all reflective of your thesis. You can then even present supplementary questions for the readers to deliberate on their own responses during and immediately after reading your own response to literature essay.